iPhone XS Max beats Huawei Mate 20 Pro in speed test

iPhone XS Max beats Huawei Mate 20 Pro in speed test

Every year, we get the usual suspects from the Android world competing with whatever top-of-the-line iPhone of the moment for the smartphone title of the year, devices from leading manufacturers like Google, Samsung, LG or Motorola. always come in price. In 2018, however, a letter from outside this deck shook the world: the Huawei and yours Kill 20 Pro, widely regarded as one of the best and most powerful devices of 2018.

The question remains: will we finally have a price for the iPhone XS Max in the famous speed test of the PhoneBuff? All others flagships of the year lost to the top of the line Ma, but maybe the only other mass-produced 7nm processor (with no less than 8GB of RAM) can beat it? Huawei certainly promised that, but in practice that's not what happened.

Using the already famous test robot (which ensures the most accurate results possible), the PhoneBuff applied the same methodology as usual: several applications are opened in sequence and closed only when their contents are completely loaded; Once the first round is completed, we have a "second round" in which gadgets that handle RAM better will generally be well aware that theoretically apps will still be open in memory and will not need to reload them.

The Mate 20 started testing ahead, opening Facebook and the Starbucks app faster, but soon lost the edge with its clearly optimized iOS Office apps. In the first round, the iPhone XS Max beat the competitor by a five-second margin and the advantage surprisingly increased (even with Ma's 4GB RAM, half Chinese) in the second round: the iPhone reached the end of the test. 18 seconds before the rival.

Certainly neither of the above two handsets disappoint in performance, but the test proves that Apple's hardware and software integration is still the most fluid on the market. At least that, isn't it?

via Cult of Mac