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iPhone XS Max beats Google Pixel 3 handily in speed test

Luck is out for the main smartphone manufacturers: at this point, all have already presented their main weapons for the second half of 2018 and, now, only the commercial performance of those who created the best recipes.

To put a little more pepper in this cauldron, the channel PhoneBuff put two of the most popular representatives of the new class the iPhone XS Max it's the Google Pixel 3 XL face to face in a performance dispute. The result? See with your own eyes:

As we can see, once again the PhoneBuff used its new test robot that guarantees more accurate results than the operation with human hands; the tests are performed multiple times in a temperature-controlled environment and the devices are restarted and all applications are closed before the start of each session.

Under these conditions, after two rounds of opening and closing each app included in the tests, the iPhone beat the Pixel 3 handily: while Ma's device finished the circuit in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the Google smartphone took more than an extra minute to complete the same task sequence. a margin much greater than that obtained in comparison with the Galaxy Note9 at that time, the Ma device beat the competitor with only 14 seconds of difference.

One point should be noted here: apparently, the first units of the Pixel 3 (XL) are facing problems related to RAM management, it is enough to see that, on the video, all applications are reloaded when opened a second time, something that does not happen on the iPhone (which has the same 4GB of memory). Google has not yet commented on the problem, but the company is expected to correct it in a future Android update, so the test should be repeated.

For now, the most expensive of the new iPhones continues to reign as the fastest in the bunch. Will your empire be shaken in the near future?

via Cult of Mac