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iPhone XS Max beats Galaxy S10 + for saving throw

The two main smartphones of 2019 (at least until September) are already fighting in the market for over a month, and the fight between iPhone XS Max it's the Galaxy S10 + intense. Samsung's competitor outperformed Apple's in a speed test by the PhoneBuff, but today Ma's device came up to a resistance test conducted by the same channel.

The test was performed with the machine itself. PhoneBuff, which ensures a level playing field in all scenarios, and consists of four stages: a rear impact crash, one side impact crash, one with the unit facing the floor, and finally a bonus round in which devices are repeatedly thrown into the concrete until they have a fault that impairs their use.

In the first round, both devices had their backs cracked, but the damage level was much higher on the Galaxy S10 +, which gave the iPhone XS Max the victory. In the second, a draw: the devices showed only minor aesthetic damage to their frames. . In the third, again, both handsets had their front glass broken, but the iPhone continued to function normally, while the innovative fingerprint reader embedded in the Galaxy screen crashed, the Ma device won again.

Only in the bonus round did Galaxy stand out: disregarding the dead fingerprint reader, the device continued to work perfectly after ten consecutive crashes. Already the iPhone was permanently affected after the third crash, when the lower portion of your screen stopped responding to ringtones.

In the end, considering the scoring methodology of the PhoneBuff, Ma's machine won the test by a small margin: 36 points against 34 of Galaxy, in 40 possible. It's a significant victory, but perhaps not so loose for a device that Apple sells as having the “toughest glass in smartphones”.

Still, the reminder is: glass breaks, and if you don't use your iPhone, Galaxy, or anything other than a Nokia 3310 phone inside a padded bell jar, it might be a good idea to put a protection on it.

via 9to5Mac