IPhone XR's successor may have two colors replaced; new commercial highlights its battery [atualizado: render]

The successor of iPhone XR The fact that it will be released this year should have its line of six different colors, like the current one, but two of them will probably be replaced. At least what the blog japons says Macotakara.

According to their "trusted sources", the colors green and lavender (soft tone lils) will replace coral (orange) and blue, keeping the current white, black, yellow and red, part of the campaign (PRODUCT) RED.

IPhone XR Family / Colors on White BackgroundCurrent colors of the iPhone XR.

The site also says that the silicone cases of the successors of the XS / XS Max iPhones will be white, black, mint-green, soft yellow, (PRODUCT) RED and a similar current leather case.

New iPhone XR Commercial

Apple also aired last night, and shortly after it went down (but then rehabilitated the link, unlisted), a new iPhone XR commercial titled “Awake At Afternoon”, focused on its battery life.

The iPhone XR has the longest battery life on any iPhone that ever existed. So it doesn't matter if you are doing streaming Video, watching sports live or playing, you get bored before your iPhone XR.

Since Apple itself recognizes this with respect to the iPhone XR, let's hope that from now on it's only improvement over what it offers. We deserve it.

The commercial song Stay awake, by Julie Andrews.

via AppleInsider

Update 5/14/2019 s 08:32

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, published today on Twitter what appear to be pieces of glass of the new iPhone XR, already in the colors released by Macotakara.

It didn't take long to create a surrender according to this:

Render of the possible new colors of iPhone XR

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