iPhone XR was the best selling smartphone in the 2nd quarter in the USA

iPhone XR was the best selling smartphone in the 2nd quarter in the USA

While the global smartphone market is getting tougher on Apple's side, domestically the company is doing very well, thank you. Data from a recent Kantar survey indicate that the iPhone XR was the best selling model in the United States in the second quarter of 2019, with models 8 and XS Max completing the ranking in the country.

Specifically, iPhone XR accounted for 7.8% of total US smartphone sales; In addition to the American market, gadget it was a also successful in Europe, leading the UK sales ranking. Despite this, Apple has experienced a drop in total sales over the past three months, as well as Samsung unlike Motorola, which saw its expressiveness grow by 3.3% over that period.

Overall, Kantar found that the share of iOS-installed devices in the top five European markets (EU5) fell by 0.8%, while in the US the drop was slightly higher: 2.4%. On the other hand, Android devices grew by 0.6% in Europe, accumulating 80.1% of all smartphone sales per l.

Ironically, Apple's position in the world's largest smartphone market was positive (19.7%) in the last quarter of course I speak of China, where Ma is doing its best to dodge the trade war with the US. However, Apple should be alert as Huawei is close to reaching one in two sales in Greater China, raising its stake to 46.1%.

Moreover, the iPhone XR has been bearing fruit for Apple: last year, the device was the best selling among all new models, fame that continued throughout the first quarter of 2019 and now also in the second quarter.

via GSMArena