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iPhone XR was Apple's most popular model in the US in the last quarter

This is news that is not surprising, considering that we are talking about the “cheapest” iPhone model in the new line and that we have already talked here about the success of the device during Christmas shopping, but ok: according to consolidated data (PDF) gives Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), O iPhone XR was the best-selling Apple smartphone in the last fiscal quarter of 2018 and with good clearance.

IPhones sales by model in the last quarter of 2018, CIRP

In the period, the multicolored smartphone snapped up 39% of the total sales of iPhones, highlighting how important the XR has been so that the situation of Apple is not even more worrying the slice obtained by him the largest of a single model of the iPhone compared to the general sales of the smartphone since the iPhone 7, in 2016.

It is also interesting to note that the iPhone XS Max sells significantly more than its smaller brother: its share of sales in the last fiscal quarter represented more than double that obtained by iPhone XS "common". Overall, the trio of new iPhones grabbed 65% of Ma's smartphone sales in the period at the end of 2017, the iPhone X / 8/8 Plus trio conquered, together, 61% of share.

Percentage of consumers who choose cheaper and more expensive iPhones, CIRP

Another revealing CIRP survey shows users who have opted for the cheapest version of each iPhone versus those who purchased more expensive versions, with greater storage capacity. Most consumers still prefer to keep the cheaper versions, but the gap is narrowing: in 2018, 38% of buyers chose models with more storage, against 33% in 2017.

CIRP estimates that, with the new iPhones pricing scheme, Apple raised the ASP (average selling price, or average selling price) of the smartphone to above $ 800 which can, to some extent, compensate for the disappointing sales of the new models.

iPhone XR standing

iPhone XR

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