IPhone XR owners sue Apple over signal problems

IPhone XR owners sue Apple over signal problems

A collective action recently filed against Apple accuses the company of “intentionally deceiving customers” by failing to disclose differences in design and performance between the antenna array MIMO 2 × 2 of iPhone XR and the configuration MIMO 4 × 4 From iPhones XS and XS Max (all launched in 2018 by the company).

More precisely, the complaint alleges that the antennas on the iPhone XR are "substantially inferior" to those on the iPhones XS. That would be the reason why the entry model had “half the signal connectivity and 4G speed of the top-of-the-line models.

In fact, tests carried out with the iPhones XR and XS, in 2018, showed a better performance of the model flagship, which was expected due to the more advanced antenna configuration. However, there is no way to claim that Apple has hidden this feature of the hardware, since the iPhone XR specification page clearly shows that the device has a “Wi-Fi 802.11ac antenna with 2 × 2 MIMO”.

On the other hand, when comparing several devices on the Ma website, it is possible to note that in none of the models the company informs the MIMO antenna specification either for the models flagships or inbound ones.

When asked about connectivity problems, Apple presented users with a variety of alternatives, from redefining factory settings to contacting their respective network operators. Forum posts, including Apple's support pages, are also cited in the lawsuit as a way for the company to “neglect” the problem.

The plaintiffs allege a breach of the implied warranty, California consumer rights (California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, or CLRA), the Unfair Competition Law and fraud by concealment. For all these reasons, they demand recognition of the status of the process as collective, in addition to the payment of more than $ 5 million in fines and legal fees.

Ma did not comment on the case, for now.

via AppleInsider