DxOMark Names iPhone XR the Best Single Camera Smartphone

iPhone XR has limitations in Portrait Lighting Mode

We recently commented that the Portrait mode of iPhone XR It works only with people ie you cannot take pictures of objects or pets with blurred background on this device.

Of course, it's no use wanting a cheaper handset that offers all the features of a handset flagship. In this regard, Apple's decision to remove the second rear lens from the iPhone XR has also led to other disparities of this. gadget compared to more expensive models like the iPhone XS / XS Max.

The main difference of the iPhone XR is also linked to Portrait Lighting Mode, which does not have all the effects presented by Ma when launching the iPhones 8 Plus and X. In these devices (and XS / XS Max), there are five lighting effects available. : Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light and Mono Stage Light.

As specified by Apple itself on the iPhone XR page, the rear camera This device has only three effects: Natural light, Stadium light and Contour Light. However, its TrueDepth front camera offers all the effects available in the same way as the X and XS / XS Max iPhones.

Well, my assumption for removing two of the lighting effects is linked to the fact that the iPhone XR uses machine learning to simulate the depth of field of photos taken with its rear camera.

According to Apple's vice president of camera and photo software, Sebastian Marineau, the company has transformed the dual lens system of iPhones into an “almost entirely algormic” solution on the iPhone XR, as reported by journalist Lance Ulanoff in a report. about the new cameras gadgets.