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IPhone X Video Capabilities Are Tested Compared to Panasonic Professional Camera

That camera phones get better every year and every new model capable of producing even more impressive photos and videos, well, new to anyone just seeing the difficulty of DxO Labs finding an objective parameter to rank the major handsets of 2017. But What if the comparison between a smartphone camera and a professional product? Are there chances to compete on an equal footing?

That's exactly what the photography blog Stoppers proposed in this test that put face to face the shooting capabilities of the iPhone X and from Panasonic GH5, darling professional camera of video professionals for its versatility and competence. The GH5, it should be noted, is a piece of equipment that costs, with a basic lens, about $ 2,800 worth almost three iPhones X in the US or about one in Brazil.

The video with the rigorous comparisons can be seen below:

Surprisingly, as we can see, Ma's newest smartphone doesn't look ugly compared to Panasonic in a number of ways, especially in the bright, open environments where the tests were done. In addition to bringing a way slow motion Considered better than the professional camera, Apple's device featured equally vibrant colors and sharp contrast as the GH5.

Obviously, things hang to Panasonic's side when the dimly lit environment after all, the sensor Micro Four Thirds The professional camera allows much greater light capture than the module present in the iPhone. The GH5 was also superior in zoom (after all, the smartphone has a magnification of only 100%, using digital zoom after that) and the stabilization of images. Nothing, however, that was not expected by anyone with a minimum of common sense.

In the end, the result can be considered a victory not only for the iPhone X, but for all the good smartphone cameras around the world. Who would bet ten years ago, after all, that a mobile device could compete with a professional camera and bump into it in a number of ways? In my view, an absolutely impressive thing. And let them keep moving!

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Since we're on the iPhone X shooting, but be warned: get ready to get hungry, it's worth checking out this mini-documentary about Elise Lepinteurfrench confectioner of the legendary chef-patissier Christophe Adam.

Aptly titled “Made in Paris”, the short film produced by the French duo AmnesiArt was, believe it or not, fully filmed with an iPhone X. Yes, true: all these perfect and almost obscene shots of clairspies Saint honor and other confections too beautiful for this world come out of Apple's latest smartphone.

To 9to5MacThe directors shared some details of the filming process, which involved special stabilizers, professional lighting, and, I think, a great deal of unwillingness to film everything before attacking the candy. I particularly take off my imaginary hat for the producers.