iPhone X spends eight hours submerged in the sea … and survives!

You know those bad stories that happen to other people and that end up well, but don't you believe you would be so lucky? The case that we will comment on next is one of these stories, but as it did not happen to me, we have a happy ending to be able to share or better, two.

The Reddit user lorislongfellow shared on the discussion site how he lost his iPhone X at sea the day he proposed to his girlfriend. Yes, he managed to go from extremely upset to extremely happy on the same day, since she accepted the request.

The story started with a kayak tour on which he decided to take his gadget; unfortunately, when he got on the boat he turned around and everyone ended up in the water.

iPhone X

After trying to locate the phone with the diving equipment, the couple agreed that there was no way to find the iPhone in the middle of the rocks and sand, and that by now it would be damaged by salt water. There was also no way to locate it from the Find iPhone application, as the device could not receive a signal under water, at least that was what they thought.

He decided, then, that he would not let this hinder his special day. After all the celebrations by the sea, the couple returned to the beach home in the evening and used the Search iPhone once again about eight hours had passed since the iPhone X fell into the sea.

This is the part that would not happen to me: after the download, the iPhone was able to signal and they were able to locate the device using the ā€œPlay Soundā€ feature of the Apple application.

After rescuing him, the user realized that the iPhone X was not only working perfectly, but the battery was still at 66%. Finally, he placed the device in a bag of rice and stated that he has had no problems since then.

Unlike XS and XS Max, which have an IP68 rating and can withstand a maximum depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes underwater, the iPhone X is rated IP67 and withstands a maximum depth of 1 meter per up 30 minutes. Anyway, it is good to remember that Apple does not cover damages caused by liquids under the standard warranty of any devices.

The fact that no iPhone is waterproof and, according to the Reddit user, when the device fell he was in an area that was no more than 1 meter deep yet, the device was 8 hours submerged!

How do you believe this story would end, if it were up to you?

via Cult of Mac