“IPhone X Plus” should have a screen with a resolution of 1242 × 2688 pixels

Of all the rumors about the iPhones that will be released this year, there is one that is already "taken for granted" by everyone even for its obviousness. I speak of the arrival of a “IPhone X Plus” (ie l as Apple will call it), basically an iPhone X bigger than the current one according to rumors, with a 6.5 inch screen (while the normal X has a 5.8 inch one).

Well, analyzing access data to your site, today the BGR not only did this rumor corroborate, as it probably managed to set the screen resolution of that "iPhono". They basically cross-referenced website access data from iOS 12 beta with the resolutions used by such devices, and discovered one that did not exist.

The number in question 414 Ă— 896 but here we are not talking about pixels, but points on the screen. As a comparison, the iPhone X screen has 375 Ă— 812 dots and 1125 Ă— 2436 pixels, with a 3x multiplication factor. IPhone 8 Plus, 414 Ă— 736 dots and 1080 Ă— 1920 pixels (factor 2.608x).

If Apple brings the same multiplication factor to the iPhone X Plus as the iPhone X, which makes the most sense, then we come to a screen with a resolution of 1242 Ă— 2688 pixels. If, alternatively, it follows the same proportion as the iPhone 8 Plus, we are talking about 1080 Ă— 2336 pixels.

It is interesting that the screen of this “iPhone X Plus” follows exactly the same idea as the X compared to previous iPhones with 4.7 inch screens. It kept the same width in points / pixels, but gained a little more height; the “iPhone X Plus”, therefore, will do the same in relation to the current iPhones Plus with its 5.5 inch screens.

Mark Gurman, gives Bloomberg, j “confirmed” the suspect's BGR:

O BGR found a 1242 × 2688 iPhone in its access logs (guess why Apple released new privacy features on Safari). This is actually the “iPhone X Plus” 6.5 ″, as we heard in January.

Now, my friends, just wait for September to arrive.