iPhone X, make room: Galaxies S9 and S9 + screen and camera ranked best in the industry by DisplayMate and DxO Labs

After a really weird ranking by the Consumer Reports yesterday, today real experts on the subject decided to add their two cents about the Galaxy S9 It's from Galaxy S9 + in two of its most important aspects: the screen and the camera.

The result? friends iPhone X it's the Pixel 2 I'll have to stick my tail between my legs, because apparently Samsung's new flagships are champions in both ways.

THE Displaymate, one of the most respected panel analysis firms in the world, said the Galaxy S9 screen is the best ever shipped on a mobile device, earning, for the first time, green scores in all (dozens of) categories and an “A +” rating "

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Official Image: https://www.samsungmobilepress/resources/galaxy_s9/images

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According to analyst Raymond Soneira, the color accuracy of the panel implemented by Samsung "visually indistinguishable from perfection" with an index of 0.7 JNCD that breaks all records of the segment. Soneira also said that the screen of the S9 is the best in reflection, with levels 4.4% lower than the lowest recorded so far.

Want more? Automatic display brightness reaches 1,130 nitsThis is the highest level ever recorded by the test, and here we still have unmatched color spectrum indices, contrast ratio, brightness range and more. For those who like the technical details, the DisplayMate test is full of more in-depth charts, tables and considerations.

Thus, the iPhone X, which still holds the crown of best screen on a smartphone according to DisplayMate, is dethroned. Interestingly, the panel of Apple's most expensive smartphone is also produced by Samsung, but with a number of Apple's own technologies that made it stand out from the competition now, the South Korean seems to have found the way to compete. or even surpass your biggest competitor. The fight will be good.

Camera rating by DxO Labs

In turn, the DxO Labs also placed one of Samsung's new devices (more precisely the S9 +, with its dual camera) with the crown of photographic capabilities, dethroning the Google Pixel 2 iPhone X, as we know, was second in the ranking.

Galaxy S9 +

The largest of the new South Korean handsets has won a DxOMark hit of 99 points in the firm test with a score (also record) of 104 in the field of photography and 91 points when the subject is video. DxO Labs stated that the S9 + camera “has no obvious weaknesses” and delivers very good results in all photo and video categories (although in most of them the camera was behind the Pixel 2 XL); the telephoto zoom and the mode bokeh (similar to Portrait Mode for dual-camera iPhones) have been praised as some of the best in the industry (both of these beat Google's device).

DxOMark just gave its highest overall score for the Galaxy S9 camera (99)

but I still prefer some of the sample photos from Pixel 2 (98) _ () _ /

See for yourself: dxomark/samsung-galaxy-s9-plus-review-premium-specs-top-end-performance/


Consider this: the DxO rating for the Galaxy S9 +. Not for the S9.

S9 + loses in almost every category to Pixel 2

but it comes out winner thanks to the zoom and bokeh (thanks 2 camera).

See what matters to you. Choose l.

The full explanation of DxOMark: youtu.be/PgeJ0XYuI2E

The well-known variable aperture primary camera has been praised for providing excellent results in good brightness, with exemplary contrast and dynamic range; and also in low light situations, where the details stood out and the noise level was low. Autofocus has been described as one of the fastest in the segment, but not the fastest; The firm also criticized a possible color infiltration in specific situations.

Speaking of video recording, the S9 + has received accolades for bold and vivid colors, fast and accurate exposure, stable and fast autofocus, and stabilization; The device has lost points due to a less smooth than acceptable exposure transition and loss of detail under some conditions.

Check out some comparisons made by the test:

Mode Bokeh

Galaxy S9 +, iPhone X and Pixel 2

4x zoom

Galaxy S9 +, iPhone X and Pixel 2

Contrast test

Galaxy S9 +, iPhone X and Pixel 2

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And, do you agree with the results?