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iPhone X is faster than Galaxy Note9 in tests

No one else has time to rest in this world, apparently: not even 30 hours since Samsung officially unveiled its Galaxy Note9, and South Korea's new superpowered device has already fallen into the relentless clutches of benchmark. The conclusion? Yes, it's the potent pet, but not the price for Apple's latest creation.

O Tom’s Guide put his hands on the cheaper version of the Galaxy Note9 (emphasis on quotes, since the model costs $ 1,000), with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and found that at least in the cold and sometimes unrealistic hardness of the numbers. the new South Korean son slower than the iPhone X, with multi-core scores of 8,876 and 10,357respectively. The test applied here was the Geekbench 4.

Note9 even failed to beat the Chinese Oneplus 6, which has a score of 9,088 It should be noted, however, that this device has 8GB of RAM and it might be healthy to expect a test with the more expensive Samsung, which has the same amount of memory, to compare things more evenly.

Already in the tests comparing the graphic performance of the devices, with the benchmark 3DMark Slingshot Extreme 3.1, the Note9 again lagged behind the iPhone X (4,639 against 4,994) but both were outperformed by the same OnePlus 6 (5,124).

O Tom’s Guide made two more tests, one with the maximum screen brightness on which Note9 (604) beat from iPhone X (574), but both were destroyed by the LG G7 ThinQ (900); and color gamut of the screen, in which Note9 (224%) went very well and surpassed the iPhone X (128.6%) to a great advantage, but lost again to OnePlus 6 (240.3%).

Obviously, all of the above tests are objective as to how a device behaves in everyday life, performing the tasks with speed and speed, much more important in determining its success or failure as a top-of-the-line smartphone. So let's wait a few more days for the speed tests and things like that before we give any definite opinion.

via 9to5Mac