IPhone X-focused documentary backstage at iFixit's famous disassembly

IPhone X-focused documentary backstage at iFixit's famous disassembly

Whenever a device launched mainly an iPhone "coming out of the oven", there is already that good old tradition of literally seeing its guts, every internal component of it.

But what is enough for us are very well taken photos, incidentally and, at most, videos. We have no idea what work is involved and what happens behind the cameras.

And it was exactly this whole process that Motherboard showed in the documentary titled “How iFixit Became the Best Disassembly Team [Teardown] of iPhones of the World ”.

Every year, there is a race to see who can take apart the [iPhone] first, with teams from all over the world flying to Australia where he launched first to compete and be the first to look inside the world's most coveted phone. THE Motherboard joined iFixit, a California-based company whose primary mission is to enable anyone to dismantle and repair their own products to keep up with the dismantling of the iPhone X.

As we follow the news about the Apple world, we can always see, through this type of disassembly, what are the new hardware and how the components are carefully and carefully placed inside the device. However, the iFixit team has stated that it's not just the techies that come with their publications.

One of those responsible for the disassembly said that microchip makers, for example, like to see their products in the company's photos and thus can disclose that their chips are present in the iPhone. In fact, such a propaganda!

The company's fame has begun, however, as its main intention has always been to show the step-by-step for users to proceed if they want to repair their own devices themselves without damaging the devices; that is, they are a great open source manual site, teaching anyone who wants to learn. The company's income therefore comes from selling special tools to perform such repair.

Check out the full video, which tells the story since the arrival of the Australian team, the queue to be the first to put their hands on the device, and back to the United States to do the whole procedure and photograph it. In the video, we also learn that some Apple parts suppliers are constantly in contact with iFixit as well as many other details!

The intense rush, but it's part; so they can always be the first. Documentary highly recommended! 😉

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