IPhone X components should cost Apple $ 357; profit margin is higher than iPhone 8

If you also suffered from knowing the price of iPhone X Both in the United States, but especially here in Brazil, now you will know how much of this money goes to the components of the device and how much of it goes to Apple. But already ahead: not little.

According to the Reuters, which obtained data from the firm TechInsights, the incoming iPhone X (with 64GB) costs Apple about $ 357.50 to be manufactured. Ma sells this model for $ 999 (here in Brazil, selling for an incredible $ 6,999), which allows the company to reach a gross profit margin of 64%. The figure is slightly higher than Apple gets on the iPhone 8, which sells for (from) $ 699 and has a gross profit margin of 59%.

For the value to make sense, we then gave a zoom in each component. As we may suspect even by the rumors, the 5.8 inch OLED screen is the most expensive piece of the device, costing Apple about $ 65.50 which we must not forget goes to Samsung. For comparison, the 4.7-inch screen on iPhones 8 costs only $ 36.

The stainless steel frame of the iPhone X also represents a good portion of its cost: around $ 36, compared to the $ 21.50 of aluminum casing on the iPhone 8.

Dear Tim Cook even commented on the price of the new iPhone at the financial results disclosure conference, stating that it is not based on “charging as much as possible” but on the value they offer, noting that new technologies are “driving the industry ”.

Even if the components are priced, we still need to remember that the amount spent on packaging, marketing, research and development, freight, insurance, among other things, was not included here. Still, the profit margin is still quite high and everything makes the anniversary issue reach the salty public too. And you, what do you think about the prices and this great margin? Write down here in the comments. 😉

via 9to5Mac