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IPhone X camera achieves 97 test points from DxO Labs and can't beat Google Pixel 2

And finally, the camera battle is coming to an end in 2017 at least for one of the world's most respected test labs, the DxO Labs. After a fierce dispute between iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note8 and a considerable subsequent Pixel 2 lead, we now have here the results of the last major competitor of the year, the iPhone X. Your destiny? To be very Well, at least in the analysis of the laboratory professionals is not the best of all.

Ma's newest smartphone won 97 points In DxOMark, the second-largest mobile phone has ever narrowly lost to Google's latest 98th device, up 3 points from the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note8.

Professionals praised the performance of the iPhone X, comparing its rear camera favorably to the iPhone 8 Plus: tests showed that the latest handset achieved a better color and noise level, as well as a sharper, more accurate Portrait Mode. less susceptible to errors. The camera performs exceptionally well in high contrast environments and also does not disappoint in low light.

In terms of video, however, the device was a little disappointing perhaps because DxO Labs' standard procedure is to always test on the device's default configuration, and the iPhone X shoots by default at 1080p at 30 frames per second (though it can go much further). in addition, up to 4K and 60fps). The noise levels and texture of the clips produced by the device were criticized.

good to note that scores of the lab are subdivided into photo and video categories, and each of these receives a score. The iPhone X, in fact, received the highest score ever in terms of still images (101, up from 100 99 on Pixel 2), but it got the average pulled down because of the videos, which got 89 points (up from 96 on Pixel 2).

Below are some comparisons made by the lab:

DxOLabs iPhone X Camera Test and Comparison

DxOLabs iPhone X Camera Test and Comparison

DxOLabs iPhone X Camera Test and Comparison

DxOLabs iPhone X Camera Test and Comparison

In the end, the conclusion I have already repeated in all the posts of these disputes: the level of smartphone cameras has reached a point where the results will be fully satisfactory no matter what choice you make, and the choice for A better or worse module depends much more on visual preferences than any other factor. That said, what did you think of the results?

via 9to5Mac