IPhone X and iPad Pro Screens Win Major Display Industry Award

IPhone X and iPad Pro Screens Win Major Display Industry Award

That the iPhone X and the iPads Pro They have two of the best displays that the world of consumer electronics can offer today, new to anyone. But it's always good when we're sure of it through a specialist institution, isn't it?

That's exactly what happened today at Display week, annual symposium held in Los Angeles, United States, by the Society for Information Display (SID, a group of scientists, engineers, researchers, and technology executives to enact display technologies). By then, Ma's smartphone and tablets have two major distinctions in the 23 Display Industry Awards, award held at the event.

IPad Pro screens have been honored with the award Display of the Year (Screen of the Year), given to “components with the most significant technological advances or extraordinary resources”. One of the reasons for Cupertino's tablets winning, in particular, was ProMotion technology, which adjusts the screen response time (up to 120Hz) depending on the content being displayed and creates a much smoother experience for the serious user if you never tried it, go to a store and compare a "regular" iPad with one of the Pro; the difference jumps to the eyes!

It's worth noting that the screen prize of the year was shared: alongside the iPads Pro, the new 70-inch 8K LCD TV from Sharp It was also honored with the distinction for its “unique brightness, contrast and color gamut”.

Apple Pencil on iPad Pro with iOS 11

The iPhone X, in turn, received the award Display Applications of the Year, which honors the world's largest innovations of imaging panels. The institution justified the choice by stating that Apple's new smartphone is the first to fulfill Apple's original vision of being a screen-only device; The award is a recognition research and technical innovations applied by Ma to achieve the desired effect.

Next to the younger iPhone, the LG He shared the prize with his OLED UHD Crystal Sound TV, which incorporates the speakers' own screen technology and allows sound to be fired directly at the viewer rather than at the sides or rear of the TV.

Display Week will run until the 23rd and, at its close, will hold a formal awards ceremony in which engineers and executives of award-winning companies will attend to receive their distinctions. We hope it will be a good incentive for the Cupertino people to continue (and get over) the good work in the area!

via MacRumors