iPhone with 6.1 ″ LCD screen would have limited stock initially

It's been a long time since we've heard that the long-awaited iPhone with 6.1 ″ LCD screen, cheaper than the two models with OLED (5.8 ″ and 6.5 ″), should reach the market some time after its more expensive brothers.

Today, however, Bloomberg brought a different information: for her, all models will be launched together, but the cheapest would reach the market with a very limited stock initially.

The bet, in my view, makes a lot of sense commercially speaking. It is better for Apple to attract consumers interested in this cheaper iPhone to its stores right now, and if it is not available, maybe they can sell them one of the most expensive models.

The reason for this supposed delay or limited availability would be difficulties in producing the LCD panel used in the iPhone 6.1 ", but it is difficult to say exactly how much this unforeseen impacted Apple's manufacturing plans.

THE Bloomberg also refers to such an apparatus as "IPhone Xr", instead of the name “iPhone Xc” that we saw supposedly leaking from slides from operator China Telecom during the last weekend. Personally, I don't like either, but at least “Xc” has the history of the iPhone 5c and matches the idea that this model would be marketed in a variety of colors. In our poll you showed preference for "iPhone 9", but it is very unlikely that he will be called that.

The event is only two days away! 😉

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