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iPhone with 5G may “delay” due to Coronavirus; analysts lower revenue expectations

Expectations for 2020 iPhones many, and one of the most correct has to do with the inclusion of 5G on future devices. The problem that, with the Coronavirus, all of our expectations in relation to basically everything were turned upside down even in relation to Ma's smartphones. Now, an analysis firm already sees the possibility of the 5G reaching iPhones later than expected.

Who painted the scenario was Wedbush, who made an exercise to imagine ?the worst possible result? in the midst of the outbreak of COVID-19. The firm listened to sources within Ma's production chain and bet that, in the worse of cases, iPhones with 5G at the more will be released in the second half.

The forecast does not, however, explain whether this would mean that the "IPhone 12" would be launched without 5G, leaving the introduction of the technology for a future "IPhone 13", or whether the ?iPhone 12? itself would be delayed by a few months, being released later in the year or in early 2021 a less likely option, I believe.

Anyway, Wedbush already predicts a drop in revenue from iPhones – the $ 152 billion forecast by the firm for fiscal 2020 has been cut by 14% to $ 131 billion; now, analysts estimate that they will be sold 172 million devices in the period (before, there were 200 million).

According to the firm's forecasts, people already interested in switching iPhone will do so anyway, but users interested in switching platforms (from Android to iOS) or new buyers will wait for the end of the situation involving COVID-19.

The fiscal year 2021 also had its forecasts readjusted by 10% (downwards) by Wedbush, but the firm believes that the year already shows signs of recovery. So we hope.

via iMore