iPhone will be the foundation of digital life, says Jason Kottke

iPhone will be the foundation of digital life, says Jason Kottke

Jason KottkeJason Kottke, designer and professional blogger, alerts us on his blog that perhaps the market has not realized the real impact of the iPhone's growth.

The mix of technological innovations with the App Store here, in particular, brings to the smartphone features so diverse that, little by little, it can replace in our lives the space that was previously occupied by other gadgets.

If you think about it, he's right. Who would need GPS, portable video game, digital camera, electronic book reader, DVD player, MP3 player or even a portable digital assistant (PDA) I think you already understood the spirit of the thing if, in a single device, it is possible find all these features?

Kottke further says that if other manufacturers are not aware of this direct competition with Apple, it is good to be sure that it is taking place, and cites some statements made at last week's musical event.

Since Phil Schiller, who comments that “iPod touch is a great video game, as there are no interfaces with support for multiple taps on other devices, games are expensive, there is no App Store and they don't even have an embedded iPod”, until the Steve Jobs himself, who, in an interview with columnist David Pogue, made it clear that Apple has no intention of building products for a single purpose.

Kottke brilliantly titled his review: “Your company? There is an app for that ”(in English: “Your company? There’s an app for that ”), which at the same time plays with the motto created by Apple to publicize what the App Store, as suggested by the use of a solid principle for multifunctional devices.

The added value that Apple has managed to add geometrically, as Umair Haque, director of Havas Media Lab, best explains in the article “The Awesomeness Manifesto”. The iPhone has become the basis of an ecosystem in which any new functionality or application makes each other even better and ultimately benefits the product.

Perhaps the real competitors of Ma's smartphone are not BlackBerries, Androids, Palm Pres and even Windows Phones of life. Perhaps Apple is eyeing the Amazon Kindle, the Nintendo DS, the Flip SD and other “completely unnecessary” devices (in a vision cupertinian) in our daily lives.

Have you counted how many gadgets are missing from your life after your first iPhone / iPod touch?