IPhone tip: how to make the red circle on the phone icon disappear

One of the special functions of the iPhone is practically nonexistent in Brazil for most operators is the Visual Voicemail (VVM), the visual mailbox that allows you to see the list of your messages and listen to them in the order you prefer (read more about this in our special article). Whenever we have unheard messages, a red circle appears on the phone icon, with their number.

In our country, only Claro offers this option. Because of this, those who are not customers of the operator end up with the red circle with nothing inside when they have messages in the mailbox that have not been heard, which makes some users “nervous” about it. Learn how to delete this badge.

The warning above the phone icon also serves to inform when there were missed calls, which complicates even more for those who do not have the VVM function originally planned by Apple. In this case, it is a number and the “+” sign that appear, making it even more complicated for those who are not so close to the system.

There are two simple ways to make the red ball disappear. The most obvious is you call your mailbox and listen to all messages. Not everyone likes this, but it is an option.

The second is present in iOS 5 and allows you to turn off any red symbol on the phone icon. Just go on Settings> Notifications> Phone and turn off the option In-App Notices.

The bad side effect of this is that it will also stop notifying you when there are missed calls, forcing you to always open the Phone app to check this.

Unfortunately these are the only two ways to make that boring and pointless ball stop appearing. At least until Apple decides to change the way it notifies voicemail messages.

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