iPhone slow? Here are some tips for improving your device performance.

THE iPhone It is one of the most optimized and performance smartphones in the world, precisely because the hardware and software are developed by the same company, in harmony between them. Even so, over time you may come across a slow iPhone and, in more serious cases, even giving a few light stops, which irritates anyone.

The causes for this can be diverse and that's why we listed in this article some reasons why this happens to your iPhone. And of course, some tips on how to improve it.

Here's how to make your iPhone faster without switching to a new one.

Find out the cause of slow iPhone

First and foremost, you need to try to understand the cause of the slowness. It's normal for older models to slow down over time, but even they can get a new life by following a few tips. Already in new models, not normal to present locked.

Follow the tips below to try to evaluate your case.

1 The old battery?

Before trying anything else, it is important that you evaluate whether or not physical battery of the device which is causing slowdown in it.

As is well known (and Apple itself has confirmed this), on models between iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, a physical battery drain may trigger a performance limitation on the system to prevent the iPhone turn off alone ahead of time.

That is, the fact that the battery is worn out over time is a factor that halves the performance of the entire system. So in cases like this, the simple physical battery change Already able to give a new life to the device.

Have it replaced at an official Apple service center is much more expensive, but at least you are sure that the original battery, and not a Chinese copy of dubious origin.

The system itself can show you the state of your battery. Comes Battery Settings Battery Health and look at the percentage of Maximum capacity her. If it's under 79% then the system will slow down overall performance and slow everything down. It's really time to change.

2 Empty your iPhone

Many times a slow iPhone can be blamed on the crowded internal capacity. In this case, you will have to make an effort to eliminate any deadweight that may exist in it. Mainly if your old model with 16 or 32GB capacity.

To do this, be strong and attack the root causes:

  • Delete apps You haven't used it in over 2 months. Even iOS 11 brought the ability to automatically uninstall apps you don't use, thus freeing up space. Read more about this in this other article.
  • Delete old messages, both in iMessage and other apps, such as WhatsApp. In this link we teach how you can do a complete clean on zap and free up a lot of space on the device.
  • Clear Safari Cookies and Data which are usually hidden taking place. Comes Safari Settings Clear History and Website Data, and clean it up.
  • Copy your photos to a safer place like an external hard drive, some cloud service or even your computer and then delete them from the iPhone. Leaving all photos on your phone is not safe, because if they steal the device or it spoils, you lose everything. Not to mention that they are usually the main reason for lack of space in the device.

3 Terminate automatic processes in the background

The system has some background processes that can slow iPhone down. They are usually important, but you may not need some of them. So it is best to close them, so as not to disturb the performance.

First go on General Settings 2-Plan Update and uncheck all apps you don't need to be updated without opening them.

IOS Settings screen

Continue to Settings and access the menu. iTunes Store and App Store and turn off all automatic downloads from stores.

IOS Settings screen

4 Decrease animations and visual effects.

IOS has beautiful animations and visual effects that add a special touch to usability. But if your device is older, it may help overall performance if you turn off these effects.

For this, go to Settings Accessibility Movement and enable the Reduce Motion option.

5th Make a clean restore

Sometimes when we spend a lot of time just updating iOS, version over version, it may happen that old code remnants get lost inside the system, often taking up unnecessary space and even causing certain bugs on the device.

For this reason, it is always advisable to do a full system restore from time to time, installing everything from scratch and not taking advantage of the backup. With this we are sure that only the new system will be present in the device.

This is a radical solution and should be applied only if the other tips have not worked. You need to be aware that a clean restore can erase data if it is not stored in a cloud.

If you find a clean install too radical, then try restoring using backup. This already helps to improve performance and eliminate a lot of accumulated waste.

With these 5 tips, it is quite possible that you can slightly (or a lot!) Improve the performance of your slow iPhone. Apple is keen to maintain support for several years by offering up to 4, 5 year updates from the original release. So if you're one of those who owns an old warrior iPhone, do everything to keep it fit, to serve you even longer.