iPhone SE should start at R $ 2,699.00 (or R $ 2,429.10 in cash) in Brazil [atualizado]

iPhone SE should start at R $ 2,699.00 (or R $ 2,429.10 in cash) in Brazil [atualizado]

SE iPhones in the colors of Brazil (by )

In the United States the iPhone SE Undoubtedly, a great request for people who are not looking for devices with giant screens. Apart from the design part (which remained the same as the iPhone 5s, launched in 2013), inside we are talking about a completely new device, almost equivalent to the iPhone 6s if there weren't some “details” like a 1.2 megapixel front camera (instead of 5 megapixels), missing the second generation Touch ID, 3D Touch and other little things.

To compensate for this “outdated” design (but loved by many) and these other features that have remained the same, we can say that Apple was quite aggressive in the price of the device: $ 399 in the USA (with the possibility that it will be free for people who link the purchase of the phone to a new plan with local operators). Having an iPhone of this size, which can even come out of grace, is a great deal.

But and in Brazil, the old-new Apple device sold for how much? Does he manage to make the company gain a little more market?

According to reliable sources from the , these will be the iPhone SE values ​​here:

  • 16GB iPhone SE: R $ 2,699.00
  • 64GB iPhone SE: R $ 2,999.00

(unfortunately our April 1 dream will not come true)

If everything is confirmed, I would say that the prices are within the expected taking into account those of other Apple products here in Brazil.

It is worth noting that these values ​​are those that can be paid in up to 12 installments. For cash payments, Apple offers a 10% discount. Taking this into account, the lowest values ​​would be as follows:

  • 16GB iPhone SE: R $ 2,429.10
  • 64GB iPhone SE: R $ 2,699.10

Although we have confidence in the prices mentioned, everything is still a rumor until Apple actually launches the iPhone SE in Brazil, which, in our expectation, should happen until next month (after approval by Anatel). Let us wait.

(thank you, sources!)

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 04/19/2016 s 15:22

A little bird told us today that the current plan of Apple Brazil to launch the iPhone SE on the day 20 of May, with pre-sales starting a week earlier (on 5/13).

As we reported, his batteries have already been approved by Anatel. Now the device itself is missing.