iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone 11: 320 euros separate three generations of Apple technology

iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone 11: 320 euros separate three generations of Apple technology

Looking at the price of 500 euros for a new iPhone, many Apple users will say it is cheap, considering that a newer model costs almost twice as much. But the iPhone SE, the second that Apple launches in its catalog, is based on an older model, the iPhone 8 that debuted on the market in 2017. After that model, the ma brand launched the iPhone X, the iPhone Xs and iPhone 11, which is the current model, at least until September, when the line is updated to iPhone 12.

In this sense, are users being deceived in the purchase of new equipment, based on a discontinued line? The original iPhone 8 is no longer available as of the announcement of this iPhone SE 2020, which will replace it in the catalog. However, there is no mistake, considering that despite the static line of the new equipment is based on the eighth generation of iPhone, the smartphone has been "retreaded" with the latest generation components.

And with the introduction of the iPhone SE in the catalog, Apple adds a precious low cost option to the spectrum of models, thus varying from 500 euros, to around 1,500 euros for a high-end iPhone 11 Pro Max. In addition, it also introduces a model considered smaller than the others, with a 4.7 inch screen, for users who want a more discreet equipment.

The iPhone SE 330 euros cheaper than a basic iPhone 11, which costs 830 euros in Portugal. But what makes the new model interesting is its hardware update. The A13 processor is exactly the same as the most recent high-end models, remembering that the RAM memory and the added storage capacity exponentially make any equipment of the brand exponential.

The economical smartphone has other notable updates, borrowed from its most recent brothers, including wireless charging capability. It also has an IP67 certification, being able to resist dust and water, at a depth of up to one meter, for 30 minutes. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 is IP68 certified, allowing it to be submerged indefinitely and to a greater depth, up to 3 meters.

The iPhone SE has a better camera than the iPhone 8, based on a single 12 MP rear lens. Apple has added several improvements, such as image stabilization for video recording and achieving 4K quality at 60 FPS. If you activate HDR you get even better images, even at 30 FPS. And iOS 13 adds several new features, as well as a photo and video editor.

Comparative table of specifications between iPhone SE and iPhone 11 (C) CNet

Of course, in the case of the camera, the iPhone 11 stands out with better specifications, including a second wide-angle lens, to capture landscapes with a higher quality. Both smartphones offer a 5X digital zoom, but the iPhone 11 offers a 2X hardware optical zoom capability. This model also offers several capture options in lower light conditions, in Night Mode, for better images. The current model from Apple stands out for the higher quality selfie sensor, 12 MP, against the 7 MP iPhone SE. It can also record video at 4K (SE records at 1080p) and in slow motion.