“IPhone SE 2” may actually be called “iPhone 9”

“IPhone SE 2” may actually be called “iPhone 9”

At this point, we can already consider basically confirmed the existence of a “IPhone SE 2” – most of the insiders corroborated the existence of the coming device, and the expectation is that it will be presented at the first half of 2020. But you want to know something new? We may be referring to the device by the wrong name.

According to the Japanese website Macotakara, the future entry iPhone will be called «IPhone 9», not “iPhone SE 2”. The information comes from a source close to the subject, and makes perfect sense: according to all recent rumors, the device will have a format almost identical to that of the iPhone 8, but with up-to-date internal specifications – therefore, presenting itself much more as a successor to that device than to the iPhone SE.

On the other hand, the name “iPhone 9” may represent a marketing challenge for Apple, considering that we already have an iPhone 11 available on the market (and we will probably have an “iPhone 12” next year). Of course, for those who follow the Apple, the nomenclature is understandable, but as the company will communicate to the average consumer that the “iPhone 9” is newest than the iPhone 11? We will have to wait and see.

Salad of numbers aside, the report of the Macotakara reiterates the other speculations about the device. Apparently, we will have (unsurprisingly) a panel LCD 4.7 inches and without 3D Touch – apparently, the extra interaction layer is really dead at Apple. The smartphone will likely be equipped with a chip A13 Bionic, and will come with 3GB RAM.

Whether all these rumors are correct or not, we will still need to wait a few months to find out. What do you think?

via iDownloadBlog | image: Sergey Eremin / Shutterstock.com