IPhone sales in Brazil fall 40%; Apple gets less than 5% of the market

IPhone sales in Brazil fall 40%; Apple gets less than 5% of the market

Red alert for Apple Brazil. A report from Folha de S.Paulo it brings no encouraging numbers for the green and yellow Ma and, especially, for his favorite son, the iPhone.

Quoting data from the consulting firm Gartner, the article claims that sales of iPhones in Brazil in the first quarter of 2016 were abysmal 40% compared to the same period last year, with only 498 thousand Apple smartphones sold earlier this year. Of all the manufacturers, the only one that lost more than Ma was LG, with a drop of 58.4%.

Smartphone sales chart in BrazilSource: Folha / Gartner

It is good to note that the smartphone market as a whole fell at the beginning of 2016: it was a 25% drop overall, with 10.6 million units sold in total in the first quarter of this year.

In the end, Samsung did the best in this story, which fell “only” 15% and, as a result, increased its market share in Brazil now at 42%. Apple, on the other hand, falls to an index that has not been seen in Brazilian lands for a long time: it holds less than 5% of the national smartphone market. This index is even more surprising when one realizes that the fastest growing segment of smart phones in the country is precisely the one in which Apple has the most operations: the one above R $ 3,000 represents 5.3% of the devices sold in the first quarter of 2016, against 1.7% in the same period last year.

Diego Silva, market analyst at Gartner, believes that the smartphone market numbers will grow again in the second quarter, and Apple should go along, mainly due to the launch of the iPhone SE. Let's see if the best results will materialize after that and the drop in sales worldwide, Apple is certainly in need of an injection of encouragement.

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