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IPhone Personal Access Sues Apple sues for alleged patent infringement

One more day, another paperwork coming to the Apple Park legal department. Today, Ma received a lawsuit over a feature that is now commonplace in every smartphone in the world: Personal Access (Personal hotspot) iPhone

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Official Image:

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The company WiNet Labs, based in Wyoming, sued Apple on the grounds that Ma's smartphone appeal directly infringes a patent. Patent No. 7,593,374 and registered in 2009, describes a "wireless data transfer protocol" and a technology capable of establishing and maintaining a network on multiple devices, one sender and several receivers being exactly how a wireless router works. thread.

According to WiNet, the company's lawyers tried to sell the Apple patent in 2014, but were ignored by Cupertino. It is good to note that WiNet's original registration: in 2005, the patent was owned by a Chinese company called M-LABS, today registered as a shared assignment.

Both companies, WiNet and M-LABS, have all the characteristics of patent trolls: They have no active products or services, no active presence on the Internet, and no public recognition for past activities. The patent that is generating friction with Apple, by the way, has already been several times to be passed because WiNet has not paid the maintenance fees due to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Apple has not commented on the case, but we will look out for future developments.

via AppleInsider