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IPhone loyalty drops to lowest since 2011

Last year, CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) had sung the stone about the number of iPhone-loyal consumers falling, at least in the United States. Now new research conducted by the Bankmycell found: Apple's device loyalty fell 15.2% last year.

During this period, about 73% of iPhones users who traded their devices switched to a later model, however, just over 26% of the people interviewed migrated to other brands, with emphasis on Samsung. The information is from CNET.

On the contrary, about 7.7% of South Korean giant's customers migrated to the iPhone last year. Still, BankMyCell said iPhone loyalty is your lowest level since 2011. Conversely, the highest rate of customer loyalty gadget Ma was hit in 2017, when customer retention reached 92%.

The firm's data also contrasts with another CIRP survey earlier this year, which found that 91% of iOS users upgraded to another iPhone, while 92% of Android users remained loyal to the platform.

For the survey, BankMyCell surveyed 38,000 people who traded their devices since last October.

Image: Gorlov-KV | Shutterstock