IPhone battery system attracts yet another lawsuit for Apple

For Apple, yesterday was a day like any other: it received another lawsuit over alleged patent infringement. We have already published here in There is a lot of news about patent proceedings that come and go as if it's changing clothes. This time, the company Somaltus LLC, based in Texas, sued Ma for infringing a 2010 battery technology invention.

In the suit, the company claims that the iPhone 6s or any similar device sold by Apple infringes patent 7,657,386, entitled “Integrated Battery Service System” (something like “Integrated Battery Service System”). Somaltus wants unspecified monetary damages or payment of royalties in the sale of infringing devices from the moment of trial.

In information and belief, the product (iPhone 6s or similar) includes a battery service system that has a processor (for example, chip A9) which is configured to receive signals directly from battery-attached connectors (for example, the rechargeable battery). lithium number of the product).

Basically, the “technology” that they claim to be “partially infringing” is that of fast charging devices, which allows devices to be charged faster until they reach 80% capacity later, they continue at a slower charge.

The “funny” of all that this company is being called patent troll as it has no products on the market, no online presence and has already filed lawsuits against the same patent against ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, as well as suing Ford and Nissan for allegedly infringing other inventions.

(via MacRumors)