Organization criticizes Apple and other companies for alleged omission of repair / environmental standards

iPhone and reincarnation: new Apple video shows how the company reuses old device parts

Continuing the campaign broadcast for the Earth's Day, Apple today published more than a month later a new video on its YouTube channel (only in the American; nothing in the Brazilian).

The reason for the apparent delay? According to the MacRumors, the commercial was created by Lisa Jackson (Apple's leader in environmental work) and her team to mark Apple's presence at the conference Sustainable Brands 2017, in Detroit, an event in which business leaders discuss creating brand value through sustainability.

Earth Day 2017 – Does my iPhone believe in reincarnation?

Lisa Jackson, Apple's leader in environmental work, and our recycling robot Liam will make you believe so. Lisa and her team explain everything, while Liam disassembles his iPhone 6 so that these pieces can find new life.

Who represented Ma at the Detroit event was Sarah Chandler, director of operations and environmental initiatives (responsible for Apple's effort to use greener materials, conserve finite resources and reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain). There, she talked about Apple's latest promise to try to create a closed supply chain, without the need to remove new materials (raw materials) from our planet.

The little video robot, for those who don't know, is called Liam. We talked about it a lot in this article.