iPhone and other smartphones with dual-core processor in 2010?

iPhone and other smartphones with dual-core processor in 2010?

ARM, the producer of chips used in most of today's smartphones, recently said that manufacturers will launch the first devices with processors with more than one core next year. The Palm Pre uses a processor based on the current generation of the Cortex A8, just like the iPhone 3G S also uses its own version based on the design of this chip.

“You will certainly see devices being distributed with a dual-core A9 in 2010, "said James Bruce, wireless segment manager at ARM, during an interview this week. “The A8 only single-core, while the A9 is dual-corearriving at quad-core, giving smartphones even greater performance gains. ”

iPhone 3G S

ARM Cortex A9 decrease the 65 nanometer manufacturing process, currently used in Cortex A8 single-core used in the iPhone 3G S, for 45 nanometers, which allows adding another core without significantly affecting energy consumption. Even requiring more power during peaks, the smaller process and multiprocessing will lead to longer battery life.

The launch of the A9 should coincide with the next wave of smartphones. ARM anticipates that the technology will be in products that will be distributed next year, at approximately the same time.