IPhone and iPad tip: how to turn off the warning of unread emails in the Mail icon

If you have a very large number of unread emails, do not have time to read them and are bothered by that annoying number that appears on the Mail icon, know that there is a way to eliminate this count for those who have iOS 5 installed.

Of course you could mark all emails as Read, but this may not be the best solution, as it is interesting to know which messages you have not yet read, besides this being only a temporary solution.

The best thing is to turn off the option of placing a warning on the icon in the Mail application notifications. To do this, follow the steps:

1. Go to Settings> Notifications

2. Select Mail settings in Notifications.

3. Turn off the Notices option in Applications.

It is she who places the numeric badget over the icon or not.

Okay, now you will no longer have that psychological pressure to read your emails. ?