“IPhone 8” wireless charging accessory may arrive a while after the device itself

iPhone with Wireless Charging

There is already a certain consensus, in the rumors (and this since the end of last year), that the «IPhone 8» offer some kind of wireless charging. There is doubt about the ?iPhones 7s / 7s Plus?, also expected this year, but as an incremental upgrade is expected for them, it would not be surprising that they were left out of the game.

Focusing on the ?iPhone 8?, for a long time it was said that Apple would be working on some type of recharge in the s wireless, but also without any contact this would explain, for example, why the company would have five different groups working on wireless charging solutions in its labs. If the ?iPhone 8? comes with some technology of this type (regardless of the maximum distance supported, I think that even a 30cm would already be sensational), and this is still a possibility, it will really put something totally new on the market.

The other possibility is «Meh», that the device simply incorporates a traditional wireless charging technology by induction (with contact) just like the Apple itself already uses in Watch and as we have seen on several Android smartphones for years. We have discussed, in recent podcasts, how much this would be a bucket of cold water for consumers considering the time it took Apple to implement something like that on the iPhone even if it justifies the delay, for example, saying that so far the performance of induction charging was not satisfactory (or anything like that).

Whether in one way or another, which also has a certain consensus that the accessory responsible for this wireless recharge will be sold part. That was said months ago by MACBlog, confirmed a few days ago by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (from KGI Securities) and now who said the same was John Gruber:

Not only that, but Gruber’s sources think the novelty not be ready for the launch of the ?iPhone 8?. It would arrive sometime later, probably with iOS 11.1.

I sincerely I got excited with that information and I hope Gruber’s source is right. Obviously I do not say this because of the delay itself, but because, if the thing is really going to be delayed, I find it even more unlikely that such a recharge is simply by induction. It is not possible that Apple took years to implement in the iPhone a technology that is already standard in the industry (Qi) and that it is not yet round. There must be something more to it, something more sophisticated.

At the same time, the fact that such an accessory is sold partly leaves me with a flea behind my ear. Personally, I would have very little interest in this accessory if the recharge is really by induction, after all, you can’t even use the smartphone right while it is charging on a base. On the other hand, if it is such a wireless and contactless recharge, it will be a practically ?mandatory? accessory (?No-brainer?) for anyone who is going to buy this new iPhone, that is, the price of the accessory will have to be added to that of the device to have a real notion of how much it will cost.

Although rumors about the ?iPhone 8? are popping up in droves this year, the coolest is that there is a lot of cross / uncertain information. That is, there is still a lot of uncertainty as to what we will see Apple launch, in fact, in September.