Analyst says iPhone 8 release schedule is on schedule; handset would be released in three colors

“IPhone 8” may reach the market without facial recognition and wireless charging due to software problems

There are several doubts hanging in the air over the final hardware of the "IPhone 8". Some say he has a Touch ID on the screen, yes; who believes that there will be no fingerprint sensor on it and that the smartphone will come with a new 3D facial recognition technology; those who trust in the possibility of seeing a new wireless and contactless charging system (or the traditional wireless charging that we're used to seeing around)

Anyway, if there is anything defined in this sense and I believe so, since we are in the middle of July and the smartphone has everything to be presented in September for now only Apple knows.

Mockup Comparison between the iPhone 7, the “iPhone 8” (mockup) and iPhone 7 Plus

That, of course, talking about hardware. So far, little has been said about the software to be shipped on this new device. Fact: if the “iPhone 8” really comes with the news speculated above, obviously its software needs to support all these new technologies. This week the Fast Company talked about it and well, the news is not encouraging.

According to the publication, June was a tense month for Ma engineers and designers, who have a feeling in the words of Fast Company “panic in the air”. The company would be working voraciously to fix software problems that could ultimately cause delays in production (since iPhones need to leave factories with software installed) or delivery. And, amazingly: if the software problems are not solved, the “iPhone 8” could even start to be sold with its main features disabled! 😐

As for such a wireless charging feature that could be the Qi standard or some variant of it, the problem would not be the standard technology itself or the Broadcom chip that would equip the device, but the software that would not be ready to debut yet. . That way, Apple could start selling the “iPhone 8” with this feature disabled and then, in a future update (iOS 11.1, for example), activate it (similar to what we saw with the Portrait Mode feature, iPhone 7 Plus, which was released to the general public in iOS version 10.1).

The 3D facial recognition technology, of course, would also be doing a good job for the company's engineers. Again, the problem here would not be the hardware and the sensors themselves, but the software responsible for making everything work. And, if the rumors that Apple is planning to "kill" Touch ID in favor of this new form of authentication are correct, this feature must be working very well to justify the switch. According to sources in the publication, Apple is fighting for the sensor to function 100% reliably.

Touch ID concept on iPhone screen

The good news (at least for me, who is a fan of technology) is that, apparently, after testing several prototypes with Touch ID in various places, there is a great chance that it will be embedded in the device's screen. In other words, 3D facial recognition would come to add and not to share something that we discussed a lot in episode # 237 of our podcast.

To complete the saga of problems, we also have the fact that this “iPhone 8” is the first Apple smartphone to come equipped with OLED screens and that this type of technology does not have such a large production that it satisfies Ma's demand. that we have already commented on the site a few times.

via MacRumors