iPhone 8 is out of the best selling smartphone ranking in the third quarter of 2017; iPhone 7, however, remains firm on top

iPhone 8 is out of the best selling smartphone ranking in the third quarter of 2017; iPhone 7, however, remains firm on top

The data analysis firm Canalys did one more of his research and released a ranking of top selling smartphones in the third quarter of 2017.

Unlike other years, Apple in 2017 announced three models, first launching two of them the iPhone 8 it's the iPhone 8 Plus and only now, on November 3rd, iPhone X. As was expected, the third device ended up attracting much more consumer attention than its other brothers.

And because he didn't get into the Q3 numbers, the impersonation responsibility was left for the iPhones 8/8 Plus, which, in fact, couldn't even get enough sales to reach the Top 5 of the best selling smartphones in the world. But calm down, all is not lost to Apple: it is still at the top, but with handsets from years gone by.

Top 5 companies third quarter 2017

As is very explicit in the image, the first place in the ranking was the iPhone 7, which sold about 13 million units. Next up would say the iPhone 6s, with sales of 7.9 million units. Canalys data shows that sales of older devices such as the iPhone 6s and SE saw an increase in time.

And if you thought that Samsung's latest releases would be in the rankings, you also missed: the device that represented the company, in third place with the 7.8 million units sold, was the Galaxy J2 Prime smartphone also a year ago. Oppo won the fourth and fifth places, with the A57 having sold 7.8 million and the R11, 7.2 million units.

And where were the Apple releases? Out of Top 5, the iPhone 8 Plus sold 6.3 million units, while its smaller brother, the iPhone 8, sold 5.4 million according to the Canalys survey.

But before you run down the street with signs saying that Apple made a bad mistake when it brought out the iPhones 8/8 Plus, I need to remember that the phones were only released eight days before the quarter was over. This means that the 11.8 million units sold is actually a very good number. Canalys also said that this new strategy of increasing the line of iPhones has been positive.

Apple is clearly making a move here. With the launch of the iPhone X, it now has five iPhone options and offers iOS in more price ranges than ever before. This is a new strategy for Apple. It aggressively defends its market share, but does not compromise its rigid margin structure by doing so.

Top 5 companies third quarter 2017

When it comes to the performance of companies that sell smartphones, Apple slipped slightly to second place, topping its archrival Samsung which, it is worth remembering, lost to Ma in the US rankings.

As we see, Apple grew in the third quarter, but the firm points out that those were the oldest and most affordable models of iPhones.

If you take into account the long iPhone X launch lines around the world, the new smartphone may have quite high numbers and raise Apple even higher. Let's wait for fourth quarter research, therefore.

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