Smart battery case for iPhone 7

IPhone 7 Smart Battery Case remains ugly, but at least it stores more energy than the previous version

When the Smart Battery Case it was released last year for the iPhone 6s, it immediately rained down very energetic comments about the death of design at Apple; personally, I don’t fully understand their reason, because the little thing is disgustingly horrible. Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating, she’s just good ugly.

Smart battery case for iPhone 7

Anyway, digress. The fact is that, with the arrival of the iPhone 7, the accessory would also have to change, and although externally the lack of attractiveness remains the same, inside we have welcome news: according to information obtained in documents from Chinese regulatory bodies, Smart Battery Case of the new iPhone brings a battery of 2,365mAh, against the 1,877mAh of the previous model.

THE 26% increase it will be used to charge the battery of the iPhone 7 – which in itself is a little bigger than its predecessor, which even explains the increase – and still leave 17% charge in the case.

Moreover, the accessory remains identical – for good and for bad -, even maintaining the price of US $ 100 in American territory. In other words, we can expect that, upon arrival here, the Smart Battery Case will continue to cost the usual hilarious R $ 750.

[via MacRumors]