iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8: Check out some videos comparing the two devices

iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8: Check out some videos comparing the two devices

With each smartphone launch, the famous comparisons between the newest handset and the models of other manufacturers appear on the web. And the avalanche of videos and articles happens for a reason: we love the clashes! No matter how and why you don't need it, we just love to see the gadgets "fighting" and surprising us (or not so much). So the story repeats itself with Samsung's new handset, the Galaxy S8.

The YouTube Channel EverythingApplePro brought a series of videos comparing the new Galaxy with the iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED. Starting from the “inside”, check the speed test of the two devices:

The specifications of both devices are great: the Galaxy S8 has 4GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 835 processor. quad core 2.3GHz + quad core 1.7GHz; j iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM and an A10 Fusion processor quad core 2.2GHz. In numbers, everything is beautiful; In real performance, both have their pros and cons.

The S8 has done better loading some specific apps like Google Maps, but the iPhone 7 Plus has come out ahead when loading games, heavier apps (like Photoshop) and also works better to open apps that are still running second. In Galaxy, apps seem to close and load everything again. The iPhone 7 Plus also comes out ahead at startup. So even though the S8 has big numbers, iPhone still seems to manage everything better.

Already your concern with the “outside” part, the famous drop test was also made. Check out:

The interesting thing about tests that are simulated falls from heights that we may possibly experience in everyday life, such as if we were taking the phone in our pocket and it dropped or if we were talking on the phone, etc. The Galaxy was the first to show significant damage in the rear. However, reaching about 7 meters, the iPhone screen broke completely, while the S8's screen had only a few cracks in the corners. Still, the two still function normally if you notice, the iPhone starts blinking and behaving unnaturally, but seems to be related to the water resistance test conducted earlier.

Speaking of water resistance testing, the EverythingApplePro He also made several videos related to it, submerging the two devices both in drinking water and in a river several meters.

In addition, for those interested in camera quality, there is also a great video with the images of the two devices side by side.

And for the most hardcores, insane tests involving freezing and liquid nitrogen were also performed.

Undoubtedly the two are great competitors and it is always good to see that both have their advantages and disadvantages, especially to have the notion of what needs to be improved in the next releases.