IPhone 7 Home Button requires skin contact to function, so good luck in the harsh winters [atualizado]

I won't lie here, this is news that will certainly affect very few of us, residents of this beautiful tropical country with mild (or not) temperatures all year round. But if you live in the Southern Pines or in some other country where winter is a little stricter, you may begin to conform: iPhone 7 start button Does not work with gloves.

Who first brought up the problem was Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM:

() Cover your iPhone 7's Start button with a material (like your t-shirt, for example) and try clicking it.

From then on, several other publications and many of the lucky ones who already got their hands on the iPhones 7/7 Plus started testing the new button and the verdict which was assumed: just like the capacitive screen, the button requires skin contact. to work.

It is speculated that Apple is using its own Touch ID sensor to detect touch on the new button, which really gets in the way. The big problem that, on iOS 10, Apple is for the first time requiring an interaction with the button to unlock the device before it was possible to wake it with the button off and slide the screen to access the iPhone (even if you had to type the password with your finger). But now, with the end of the iconic “slide to unlock”, the touch of the inevitable Start button.

Worst of all, even many “special” gloves designed to work with touchscreens that even allow normal use of the iPhone screen are being rejected by the new “fake” button.

You might argue that considering that most iPhone users today adopt Touch ID as a way to lock their devices, the insensitivity of the capacitive Home button won't change much, but not quite. The inability to press the button makes it difficult to even recall the numeric password screen that appears when fingerprint reading fails.

In other words, if you're wearing gloves, the remaining alternatives are just tapping a widget and swiping left on the lock screen or resurrecting AssistiveTouch to use the Home button on the screen. Neither sounds like the elegant and simple solution dreamed by Apple.

(via 9to5Mac)

Update, by Eduardo Marques · 09/20/2016 at 00:16

According to the reader Rodrigo Vieira informed in the comments, the button of Incio works, yes, with capacitive gloves.