iPhone 6s or Galaxy Note7? Know which device is the fastest!

At Olympics They are over, but the technology competitions are far from over.

Former Apple employee Ryan Jones shared a YouTube channel video on Twitter PhoneBuff which compares the iPhone 6s (handset of 2015, always good to remember) with the brand new Galaxy Note7. Check out the result (above).

Even those who do not understand any English can understand that the winner is iPhone 6s (washed), with 14 apps open at just 1'21 ”against 2'04” of Note7 in the first round and 1'51 ”against 2'49” in the second sim, Apple's device completed two laps before Samsung's complete one!

Galaxy Note7 has more RAM (4GB) than iPhone 6s (2GB) and the theoretically more powerful processor. In addition, Samsung's smartphone screen has a higher resolution (2560 × 1440 pixels) than Apple's screen (1334 × 750 pixels). But, as always, what this kind of testing reveals to us is that, even with hardware components more powerful than 6s, Note7's software seems to be holding up on “let's see” time. 😝

For these and others, comparisons of technical specifications do not necessarily reveal the truth when it comes to experience of use.