iPhone 4 replaces bulky journalistic equipment in a reporter's life

iPhone 4 replaces bulky journalistic equipment in a reporter's life

Being a field reporter shouldn't be easy to run after the news where it happens is challenging enough to leave anyone breathless, so imagine having to carry heavy professional equipment up and down!

Neal Augenstein

Neal Augenstein, from WTOP, more than a year ago he abandoned this style of work in his covers and adopted something more minimalist: instead of carrying a laptop, cameras, microphones, recorders and cables, he decided to use his iPhone 4. As a result, in addition to his daily life -day it got lighter, now a story that was ready in 30 minutes, it takes no more than 10 to complete.

Augenstein says that “with the iPhone 4 and several apps, I can produce complex audio and video reports, broadcast live, take and edit photos, write content for the web and distribute everything using social media from a single device.” There are limitations, of course: although editing is extremely easy on the smartphone, the audio quality is about 92% than a bulky professional equipment capable of providing the biggest challenge to overcome wind noise and capture quality audio in recordings video, using the gadget's built-in microphone.

In addition, some accessories complement your work, such as a pedestal adapted to position the iPhone during conferences, a Joby GorillaMobile to attach it to traditional microphones and an iPad to take notes while the smartphone is busy recording audio.

(via TUAW)