“IPhone 12”: image details arrangement of components in smaller notch [atualizado: USB-C?]

“IPhone 12”: image details arrangement of components in smaller notch [atualizado: USB-C?]

It is practically a consensus in rumors that the “IPhone 12”this year will come with a cutout (notch) upper lower than what we’ve been used to since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017.

Since it is made up of several technologies that do not fit in the thin iPhone frame and cannot be hidden under the screen, what Apple will probably do is “squeeze” them as much as possible into a smaller space.

And the following image, released by leaker Jon Prosser, shows how this can happen:

In addition to positioning the various components – such as the infrared camera, the front camera, the dot projector and some sensors – closer to each other, the drawing shows that the ear speaker will be thrown upwards into the smartphone’s frame.

Compare the above scheme with the notch we know, detailing the entire TrueDepth system:

TrueDepth system with all front components of the iPhone X notch

Making a quick “rule of three” based on the design, while the notch current occupies about 56% of the iPhone flagship smaller (of 5.8 inches: X, XS, 11 and 11 Pro), the new is expected to drop to just 35%. Previously, it was said that it would be 30-40% smaller than the current one.

We also hope that, in addition to the reduction in physical size, we have a new version of the TrueDepth system with expected improvements for Face ID: support for horizontal unlocking (as is already possible on iPad Pro), greater operating angle, decrease in false positives (especially among twin brothers), etc.

The vast majority of iPhone owners with Face ID are already well accustomed and in fact are not bothered by the notch current, but I think all of them will also find this reduction in size welcome – especially if Apple takes advantage of the extra space on the sides to bring some hidden icons back, which today only appear when we pull the Control Center.

Update Apr 20, 2020 at 07:12

Oh, and Prosser also posted two tweets yesterday about the possibility of the “iPhone 12” migrating from the Lightning port to a USB-C:

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that, but no – there is absolutely no USB-C on the iPhone 12. Apple will abandon the port before moving to USB-C.

His bet, by the way, is the same as I did in our last Q&A video:

Prosser continues:

There is no Smart Connector on the iPhone 12. No doubt, it may appear in a future prototype – but it will be used to recharge an iPhone without a port. There is definitely no support for Apple Pencil.

The idea of ​​using the Smart Connector for charging is interesting, especially considering that the Qi wireless standard cannot achieve the same power / charging performance as a wired port.

Time will tell.