“IPhone 12” camera could win new advanced image stabilizer

Sony fails to provide enough camera sensors for smartphones

As we approach 2020, it is only normal that rumors about the next iPhones increase in quantity (and possibilities). This time, the news reports that the next generation of devices is expected to gain a new image stabilizer even more advanced, according to a publication DigiTimes – controversial vehicle and not 100% sure, always remember.

It is important to note that, since the model 6 Plus, the iPhone camera includes optical image stabilization, which contributes to the images not coming out as blurry. With the iPhone X, however, the company has implemented double optical image stabilization – now, however, it is likely that only the next generation top-of-the-line models will receive the novelty.

While optical image stabilization adjusts elements only around the lens, changing the sensor would move it directly into the camera module. In fact, it is not known (yet) if the probable replacement of the stabilization sensor would contribute to increase the quality of the image or if this would be just an internal readjustment based on the possibility that the next models will also win a 3D ToF lens.

In general, the next update of iPhones is expected to be quite significant. In addition to the rumor in question, it is likely that all future models – four, according to the analyst Samik Chatterjee, from JPMorgan Chase – offer support for 5G, as well as a design that resembles the iPhone 4, with more “square” edges, OLED screens, among other news.

It is still too early to confirm any information, so, as we always say, we just have to wait for what’s next.

via 9to5Mac