iPhone 11 Pro Max Ranked 3rd in DXOMARK Rankings

Tradition: Whenever a smartphone is launched, the DXOMARK makes a complete assessment of the cameras (front and rear) and gives his verdict. Each aspect evaluated generates a score that adds up and comes to life in a ranking ranking. Apple has always done well in this ranking, staying in the top positions. And now, with the release of iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro MaxIt was no different.

After iOS 13.2 release and feature arrival Deep fusion, DXOMARK finished its review and rated the iPhone 11 Pro Max cameras as the third best in the market (with 117 points), falling behind the Huawei Mate 30 Pro It's from Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition (both with 121 points). It is noteworthy that the 11 Pro Max score is the same as the Galaxy Note10 +.


In short, the iPhone achieved 124 points in the photo and 102 points in video.

IPhone 11 Pro Max Review by DXOMARK

The camera performed very well in our tests in virtually every area, but some challenges remain. Still images usually show very good exposure. The dynamic range is very wide under bright light and under indoor conditions, but some prominent clippings are still visible in very difficult scenes. Overall, the iPhone is among the best for display; It is only in low light that it cannot keep up with devices with larger image sensors, such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Like previous generations of the iPhone, the 11 Pro Max also has a very good color score and is among the best in its category in all light conditions. A slightly greenish tint is visible in some indoor scenes and in our lab tests, but the overall color tends to be very pleasant: a slight yellow tone gives some scenes a warm feeling and works great for skin tones in portraits.

IPhone 11 Pro Max Review by DXOMARKScreenshots taken on iPhone 11 Pro Max show good exposure, wide dynamic range and nice color rendering

Deep fusion

DXOMARK also praised the feature Deep fusion, which uses machine learning and image stacking to achieve a superior result. For them, photos are noticeably more detailed and textured, as well as improving aspects such as freckles, animal hair and distant foliage making the iPhone great for landscape and portrait photography.

However, when in a dimly lit environment, a drop in detail is evident. Noise in the iPhone 11 Pro Max has also been enhanced over the XS Max, but still visible in almost all lighting conditions.

Portrait mode

Portrait Mode has good results but is not among the best, according to the review. Minor depth errors are visible under all conditions, but noise on objects and background has been improved compared to XS Max.


Apple has improved the zoom quality on the iPhone 11 Pro Max over the XS Max, but the feature is not yet at the level of sturdier telephoto lenses such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the P30 Pro.


Line 11 was Apple's first to have an ultra-angle lens, with one of the widest viewing angles that DXOMARK has ever evaluated. Decent image quality, according to them, but, as with virtually all devices, is far from the quality of the main camera photos.

Color reproduction is good, as is the dynamic range. The iPhone 11 Pro Max offers better textures than some competitors, but the noise levels are higher. The deformation of the faces (anamorphosis) visible near the edges is nothing that completely spoils the photo, especially considering the wide field of view.

Night mode

For the DXOMARK, the iPhone 11 Pro Max performs well in night shots, making it among the best with either the flash on / off or Night Mode. The auto flash mode is not so good, however, with overexposure in portraits and rendering of below normal details.


Here, the iPhone shines! The device was able to produce some of the best footage DXOMARK has ever seen on smartphones, especially when using 4K resolution. The 102nd highest score ever reached the ranking, compatible only with the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition.

The autofocus of the video is very smooth, being able to track the subject very well, and the stabilization system works very effectively in most situations. The only caveat is for a somewhat gelatinous event when you're filming and walking.

Check out some tests performed by them:

Photo Comparison

Here are some photos taken with iPhone 11 Pro Max and other competing devices for review:

Video comparisons

Audio rating

Not long ago DXOMARK also began to evaluate smartphone audio. About the iPhone 11 Pro Max they claim that while the device performs very solidly, it brings nothing new.

While it is ahead of most of the tested Android models, the device is incredibly behind the iPhone XS Max and Huawei Mate 20 X and some of the reasons for this are the reverse channels when playing music (something that Apple can fix in a update).

For gaming audio, it surpasses all but the XS Max; For movie and music playback, it was still among the top devices tested, but behind the XS Max and Mate 20 X. As for recording, it is among the best.


For DXOMARK, previous generations of iPhone have always been among the best photo and video smartphones, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is no different.

It peaked in video, recording in fine detail, a very wide dynamic range and smooth stabilization under most circumstances. Its still imaging results also rank it among the best, thanks to consistent good results from the main camera, which is now accompanied by a very capable ultra-angle lens with one of the widest fields of view.

Portrait mode and long-range zoom performance are not the best, but if those areas are not the top priorities, the new iPhone is easily recommended to anyone, especially those within the Apple ecosystem.

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