iPhones 11 and 11 Pro have peak sales during Singles Day in China

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the new leader in Consumer Reports recommendations

THE Consumer Reports One of the most respected US publications in the field of product review and recommendation, it has had its good dose of swooping with Apple as in that novel episode involving MacBooks Pro, or when the magazine gave a poor review for the iPhone X. relation to the newly launched iPhone 11 Prohowever the CR Seems to be compliments.

The publication rated the most expensive of Ma's new smartphones, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and immediately placed it at the top of its recommendation rankings, representing the first time this has happened in a few years, since for a while c Samsung have been favored by the magazine staff. O iPhone 11 Pro The smallest, in turn, came second in the list.

According to CR, Apple's new more expensive smartphones are exemplary by some important advances compared to their predecessors (which had already been praised by the magazine, it is worth remembering). Specifically, the publication praised the significantly improved battery life of the new handsets, as well as camera performance, improved liquid resistance, sturdier glass housing and the performance of the A13 Bionic chip.

The magazine also praised the iPhone 11but with more reservations; In any case, the device has entered the Top 10 recommendations CR. The single sharpest criticism the publication has directed at new handsets is the lack of the 5G connection according to the team, the feature not missing at the moment, but it could mean a slightly shortened lifespan for smartphones if the technology expand rapidly.

In the end, the CR states the following regarding the question “Should I buy?”:

If you already have an iPhone XS, XS Max or even an XR, you can probably save your money and wait. Other than the big battery jumps and new cameras, there may not be enough new features to justify spending $ 1,000 or more on a new device.

If you are ready to switch phones, however, these handsets are sleek and high performance machines. And if you want to spend a little less, don't forget the $ 700 iPhone 11. Choose one of these and you will lose the OLED screen, 2x zoom telephoto camera and super-fast charger, plus an extremely capable battery. But not everyone needs these things.

The magazine also notes that, each year, the rankings in their rankings get closer in some of the best-rated models, which separates the ranks from points. In the end, this is another way of saying what we always repeat: no matter which device you choose; By staying on top of the smartphone chain, you will surely have a great experience, whatever brand or ecosystem you choose.

via AppleInsider