IPhone 11 Pro Max (Anatel) certificate

iPhone 11 Pro Max is homologated by Anatel, in addition to six batteries

Shortly after the approval of his two younger brothers, it was time for the iPhone 11 Pro Max to be approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). It is worth saying that, again, in record time!

With that, now the model A2218 (the same in Europe and Asia) is duly certified by the agency for sale in Brazil, as seen in the image below:

IPhone 11 Pro Max (Anatel) certificate

The triad, therefore, is complete: all new iPhones to be sold in Brazil are the same as those marketed in Europe and Asia, which include support for the 28 band (700MHz APT), 100% compatible with 4G in the Brazilian lands.


Strangely (or not), Apple and Anatel have certified six batteries in that same consignment of approvals, identified by the following codes:

  • 616-00625
  • 616-00660
  • 616-00653
  • 616-00652
  • 616-00630
  • 616-00650

The batteries are obviously intended for the A2215 (iPhone 11 Pro) and A2218 (iPhone 11 Pro Max) models.