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iPhone 11 Pro Max has the best screen ever put on a smartphone, says DisplayMate

Ping-pong goes on: whenever a new smartphone flagship Apple and Samsung hits the market, Displaymate chooses your screen as the best ever placed on such a device. Now the crown is back with the Ma.

Dr. Raymond M. Soneira published his detailed review of the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen today, stating that it outperforms the quality and calibration of the entire competition by taking a note. “A +”.

Not only does the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen outperform its competitors, it brings "significant improvements" over the immediate predecessor (the iPhone XS Max), especially in terms of color accuracy. No wonder Apple called her Super Retina XDR.

Soneira also noted that the iPhone 11 Pro Max achieves a maximum full-screen brightness of 770 nits, and 820 nits At a conventional level of 50% this is double that of most top of the line smartphones in the market. J the peak measured during HDR playback was 1,290 nits, what a sensation.

Even at this higher brightness, the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen can still be 15% more energy efficient than the previous model.

Obviously, we are talking here about an extremely accurate and detailed analysis. For the average user, it is very difficult to discern differences between the screens of an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Galaxy Note10 + (former king in the test). Both are excellent.

via iPhone Hacks