iPhone 11 Pro is Anatel Approved [atualizado: iPhone 11 também!]

iPhone 11 Pro is a huge trigger for tryphobia sufferers, apparently

Have you heard of trypophobia? The disorder, not yet documented in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders due to lack of research, classifies an intense phobia or restlessness that some people experience when encountering small holes or bumps in irregular patterns.

In some cases, exposure to such images may produce effects such as itching, dizziness, vomiting, tachycardia or even panic attacks. Some experts, however, maintain that the condition does not really exist that there would be, in their opinion, an aversion to small irregular holes in living tissue (and in that case they might include me in the bill).

You might wonder what this all has to do with the theme of the honorable site you are reading right now. Well, my dear readers: apparently, the iPhone 11 Pro It's being a tremendous trigger for people who say they suffer from tripophobia.

I've had very heavy trypophobia for years now, and see photos of iPhone 11 on my timeline I want to set fire to everything stop


The three cameras of the new iPhone activate my tripophobia. I won't be able to have people walking around me with these cameras every day.

Apple didn't think to us that we have trypophobia when making the iPhone 11 Pro. I won't be able to buy it and it will get itchy whenever I look at it.

Above we have some examples posted on Twitter, but the tripophobic reactions are widespread. Before anyone says that the phenomenon is nothing but a collective internet rage and that no one is really caring about it, it's good to hear the words of Dr. Geoff Cole, professor of psychology at the University of Essex and one of the first to publish a study on the theme in 2013.

In interview with SubwayCole confirmed that even with only three "holes," the back of the iPhone 11 Pro can in fact trigger a trigger in people with more sensitive degrees of trypophobia since, he said, "anything" can trigger the disorder. as long as it has the right pattern, like the bubbles of an aerated chocolate or the lanterns of a Peugeot 206.

As Cole says:

There is a certain skepticism and people say that only a successful internet meme rather than a real phobia. People treat the kinda thing as a joke, and think that people "get" tripophobia for a meme, but that applies to most phobias. People are not born afraid of rats, spiders or cockroaches, but they can see the fear of their parents or mothers during childhood and get the same fear. Take cockroaches, for example: Most people who are afraid of them have never really had a bad experience with them. They got it from society if tripophobia is a good internet meme, the fear of cockroaches a good society meme.

In any case, Apple is unlikely to change the design of its new smartphones because of the share of the population affected by it. If you suffer from tripophobia and worry about camera cameras, unfortunately there is not much to do. Except, perhaps, dropping Apple and stopping accessing this site, though dropping Ma can, but abandoning us doesn't. ūüėČ

via Cult of Mac