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iPhone 11 Pro compares to $ 7,500 DSLR – and the fight is good

Much is said about how the photographic capabilities of modern smartphones are increasingly meeting the needs of virtually every user (and even some professionals). Thinking about it, the YouTuber Matti Haapoja decided to do a test by putting one iPhone 11 Pro and a $ 7,500 DSLR to EOS-1D X Mark II, gives Canon.

No one expected, of course, that Ma's smartphone would outperform professional equipment seven times more expensive. Still, Haapoja was impressed by the parity of the results: in almost every scenario tested, iPhone performance was comparable in some cases, even better than Canon. The mobile device even showed dynamic contrast and sharper details than its competitor.

The only point where the iPhone at Canon price in effect bokeh the depth of field and the “blurry” effect on DSLR-produced photos is much more natural (which is obvious because, well, natural), while the effect generated by the iPhone is more artificial in the side-by-side comparison, although very acceptable.

Obviously, some points need to be considered here. First, all of the tested examples are of basically still objects posing in areas with good exposure to natural light ie relatively “easy” scenarios for iPhone to produce good images. Also, placing small photos inside a video window is not the best way to compare them; Of course, more differences would be noted at 100% of its pixels or in printed form.

Still, Haapoja himself recalls an important point: the vast majority of users will make much of their photos in exactly these settings, and very few will make large enlargements or impressions of their images. So that the iPhone gets so close to a professional DSLR under these conditions is quite a feat and shows how so-called computer photography has evolved at a rapid pace.

In this sense, it is also worth checking Andrew Hoyle's comparative for the CNET he took a trip through the Scottish Highlands on a McLaren 600LT Spider and captured beautiful landscape images with a iPhone 11 and with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. On both devices, the photographer shot RAW and performed the same post-processing on the images with Lightroom for parity of conditions. In the end:

I tried to figure out if a smartphone camera could capture a journey like this just like my DSLR and genuinely think the results are very similar. I was seriously impressed by the images I took with the iPhone and, in many cases, couldn't distinguish between the smartphone photos and those of my professional camera. I couldn't imagine saying that even a year ago.

() It is true that the iPhone does not completely replace my professional equipment when I am shooting for CNET. But I can say for sure that I will choose only the smartphone over my clumsy DSLR when it is cold. Instead of a whole bag of equipment, this little device that fits in my pocket fits very well on its own.

Not bad, huh?