IPhone 11 Pro Cameras Take Action on Backstage Video Published by Apple

IPhone 11 Pro Cameras Take Action on Backstage Video Published by Apple

By now you have certainly watched the promotional videos from iPhone 11 Pro, almost everyone highlighting the photographic capabilities of the new handset if not, you can check them out here, here and here (besides, of course, checking out our own video talking about camera news at Ma's releases).

Today, the Cupertino giant has released another kind of video, but it's different: it's a behind-the-scenes look showing how the photographer Justin bettman made some of the catches featured in previous promotional videos. The idea, of course, is to give a taste of the power brought by the three cameras of the new device.

Photographer Justin Bettman creates elaborate and detailed scenes at amazing locations. Check out the process behind the scenes while Justin creates his images using the iPhone 11 Pro's triple camera system.

As we can see on the video, the photographer is a mess (and so is the iPhone), combining the most delirious scenarios and scene elements with the power of the new iPhones' cameras is enough to see that the transition between the three lenses is one of the video's main highlights. whenever possible.

Of course having a basically unlimited budget helps with these tasks, but it was still cool, no?

Rian johnson

The demonstration of camera power of the new iPhones was not restricted to Bettman, however. Apple has loaned an iPhone 11 Pro to Rian johnson, director of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," and hoped for the result that, as one might expect from a filmmaker with such a good eye for images, looked very handsome.

Johnson captured images of Paris and edited them on the device itself, with minimal adjustments and corrections. Titled “Paris 9/19”, the short film also takes full advantage of the three lenses of the new iPhones and shows the dramatic effect that can be provided by the transition between them. See s:

According to Johnson, the ultra-angular lens of the iPhone 11 Pro is really revolutionary and looks that, according to himself, he doesn't usually care much about cell phone cameras in general (after all, he's not at Steven Soderbergh).

Apple let me tinker a little on the new iPhone 11 Pro, and I edited that little thing. Beautiful footage from Paris is all the best. I generally see improvements in mobile cameras as baby steps and not very exciting, but this ultra-angular lens is really revolutionary.

Not bad, huh?

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