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IPhone 11 Pro camera system is praised by photographer Austin Mann

The cameras of the new iPhones are causing a certain chord especially with regard to Night Mode among the lucky ones who put their hands on the phones in advance, as we saw yesterday in a cinematic test of the iPhone 11 Pro's cameras. Now, instead of knowing how the renowned photographer Austin Mann evaluated the triple camera system of the new flagships.

Mann publishes reviews from every generation smartphone camera from Ma since the iPhone 6, and their reviews draw attention not only for bringing together the technical quality of Apple products, but also for showing stunning places that make your photos even more amazing.

To test the potential of iPhone 11 Pro cameras, Mann was Chinaby placing the new device in “real world” situations to check its performance. The result you can check below, and also in the full review published on the photographer's website.

Image taken with iPhone 11 Pro

According to him, the wide-angle lens is the best in the group, with better shutter range, even smaller aperture and auto focus system. Mann also pointed out that the new ultra-angle lens "works very well under normal lighting conditions", but believes this is not the best camera for low light.

The ultra-angle lens works very well under normal lighting conditions, and overall I'm happy to have it, but you'll feel the difference when moving indoors or shooting at night. Images are softer than wide angle, and without Night Mode, you will be tempted (or forced) to return to wide angle, depending on how limited the light is.

Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro

Speaking of Night Mode, Mann says the new “extremely powerful” option is easy to use (since the feature is automatically activated in situations where lighting is poor). In addition, the photographer praised Ma's efforts to make the feature “neutral” so that it does not disrupt the overall quality of the image and preserve many details.

I think I can say that this (Night Mode) is easily the most dramatic leap we have seen since the introduction of Panorama Mode on iPhone 5 in 2012. The first time in a long time I look at a picture and think, “Wow, I don't believe that I captured it with my phone. ”

Earlier this week, we commented on the new image capture mode of the iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, which makes use of the ultra-wide lens to create a wider range image than the one originally taken. Although Mann was fond of the feature, he said he did not like the preview of the image that is outside the original frame, precisely because this “additional” capture was not the purpose of the image.

Professionally speaking, Mann suggests that photographers interested in purchasing one of the new iPhones consider the models flagships, saying that the extra cost compared to the iPhone 11 is worth it.

It doesn't matter which device you are using right now: if you are serious about taking photos with your iPhone, this is the year to update your device. Apple had to run after a lot, and as a result, it took a tremendous leap in camera performance. Night Mode and the ultra-wide-angle lens change the way we tell stories and express ourselves as artists using our iPhones. Now a really good time to fall in.

Comparison of photos taken with iPhone XS and 11 Pro

The positive results have already reached the ears of Cupertino's high rank; among them, the company's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, which highlighted Mann's analysis:

“Wow, I can't believe I registered this with my phone.” # Apple # iPhone11Pro review by camera Austin Mann

Comparison with iPhone XS

Like Mann, the co-founder of Halide (known camera app for iPhones), Sebastian de With, decided to untie the cameras of the new iPhones but only in theory. The developer has posted a page on the app blog detailing the news of the newly announced handset cameras and comparing them to the iPhone XS specifications.

In the first comparative picture of the image below, With placed the wide-angle lenses of the last two generations of iPhones side by side and noted that the differences are improved exposure and ISO (which reached new minimum and maximum levels, respectively).

He then established the comparison between the telephoto of the two models. In this case, the iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max offer both maximum exposure and higher ISO. Here, the opening of the new flagships smaller (f/2.0) than that of iPhones XS / XS Max (f/2.4).

Regarding the ultra-angular lens, there is not much to compare it with, after all it has just been introduced to iPhones; You can still check the specifications for the following new lens:

Comparative chart of iPhones 11 Pro and XS cameras

While the developer has focused on the technical (ie hardware) changes of the new handsets, he points out that there are also software enhancements that expand the capacity and performance of the new cameras, even making some declare the iPhones 11 Pro cameras. and 11 Pro Max as the best on the market which we will surely discover soon.

via 9to5Mac, The Loop